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International Scientific Center "Observatory"

This resource is funded by the POMOC POLAKOM NA WSCHODZIE Foundation​

This resource is funded by the POMOC POLAKOM NA WSCHODZIE Foundation​

The WHITE ELEPHANT International Science Center website is funded by the Office of the Prime Minister as part of the Public assignment for Assistance to Polonia and Poles Abroad. This resource is funded by the POMOC POLAKOM NA WSCHODZIE Foundation

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International Center for Student Youth Meetings of Ukraine and the Republic of Poland

The International Center for Student Youth Meetings of Ukraine and Poland in the village of Mykulychyn in the Carpathian region is an accompanying project of the International Scientific Center "Observatory".

Latest news

Theatrical singing for Independence Day. "Eneida" by Kotlyarevsky

Where "love for the fatherland" is alive,

"there the force of the enemy will not stand,

there the chest is...

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Mountain running festival Chornohora Sky Marathon!

On August 14, 2021, the 7th Chornohora Sky Marathon mountain running festival took place in Ukraine since 2015!Chornohora Sky Marathon...

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Deputies of the Standing Committee on Ecology visited the Observatory

On August 30, a joint meeting of the Standing Committee of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council on Ecology, Environmental Management and...

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ХХ century


Engineer, General Leon Berbecki came up with the idea to construct the observatory on Pip Ivan. He suggested to the Head of the Airborne and Antigas Defence League of Poland (LOPP) and to the director of the Astronomical Observatory at the University of Warsaw, Michał Kamieński, that they should organize their work...

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Rescue Service

In the premises of the International scientific centre “Observatory” on the mountain Pip Ivan of the Chornohora range in the Carpathian Mountains there is located a unique high altitude rescue station, the highest one in Ukraine in terms of its position.

There works Yavirnytske search and rescue department of the 4th specialized search and rescue...

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Information for tourists

Rely on your own equipment!

Now the building of the observatory is laid-up. On the whole it is closed for visitors since 2016. It has been planned to build shelter on the way to the observatory in the nearest future.For the present the office of Ukrainian National Authority of Emergency Situations in Ivano-Frankivsk region provides...

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From Verkhovyna and Shybene to the Stars Themselves

From Verkhovyna to Shybene, from where the shortest ascent to Mount Pip Ivan begins, a fabulous scenic road between the mountain river and the rocks leads there. This is the first thing that impresses the guests who go to the Observatory. However, there are still many unforgettable and exciting experiences...

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Rules of safe behaviour while climbing Mount Pip Ivan

Before traveling to a mountainous area you need:In mountainous region it is necessary to move in a column, one by one, choosing the safest way.Separation of the group is not recommended.The pace of the group's movements must be consistent with the level of participants’ preparation, the conditions of the terrain...

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