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Peculiar conditions

  • 1.

Chornahora (m. Petros – m. Hoverla – m. Pip Ivan)

1.The route to m. Hoverla (access to the summit is from the side of Vorokhta, Zarosliak; from the side of Bohdan, Luhiv)

2.The most popular route to m. Hoverla starts from the checkpoint of Hoverliansky nature reserve (forestry) of Carpathian national natural park, located 10 km from town Vorokhta. The dirt road leads to the sports complex “Zarosliak” (7,5 км).

3.From the sports complex “Zarosliak” lawful route to m. Hoverla lies through the north-eastern side of m. Mala Hoverla.

4.Some groups practise reaching the Chornohora ridge from the sports complex “Zarosliak” through m. Pozhyzhevska or through Lake Nesamovyte (m. Turkul).

5.The route from m. Hoverla to m. Pip Ivan goes along the slopes and peaks of the mountains Breskul, Pozhyzhevska, Dantsezh, Turkul, Shpytsi, Rebra, Munchel, Dzembronia.

The shelter on the territory of the meteorological (avalanche) station Pozhyzhevska or the biological laboratory of the Institute of Ecology of the Carpathians of the National Academy of the Science of Ukraine


Marmarosh massif – m. valley Hropa – m. Pip Ivan

  • Reaching the top of m. Pip Ivan from the western part, from the Transcarpathian Marmaros side.

Difficult conditions of reaching the top.


v. Dzembronia – m. Vukhatyi Kamin (m. Dzembronia, m. Smotrych) – m. Pip Ivan

1.It is possible to ascend using different paths from the north-western part of village Dzembronia through the summits of mountains Dzembronia, Vukhatyi Kamin or Smotrych.

2.Some parts of the route are difficult even for middle-aged people.

Arrangement of the observation place on m. Vukhatyi Kamin.


Checkpoint “Shybene” –nature reserve Vysokohirne – Lake Maricheika – m. Pip Ivan

1.From the checkpoint “Shybene”to nature reserve Vysokohirne (also known as Vysokohirne forestry) – dirt road.

2.Then the route goes through the dirt road to the m. valley Vesnarka.

3.Then – Lake Maricheika (1510 MASL)

4.The dirt road leads to the top of m. Pip Ivan.

5.It is possible (dangerous) to pass the eastern part of m. Shuryn via the western slope of m. Pip Ivan through the path up to the hight of 1950 MASL.

Building of a shelter on the m. valley Vesnarka or using present shepherds’ household facilities


Nature reserve Vysokohirne – m. valley Sheshurska – Lake Maricheika – m. Pip Ivan

1.From the nature reserve Vysokohirne via forest road along r. Pohorilets to m. valley Sheshurska (7,9 km), there was a shepherds’ shelter, which was used by tourists up to the Second World War.

2.From the m. valley Sheshurska you can ascend the steep path to Lake Maricheika (1510 MASL).

3.Then the route through the dirt road leads from the nature reserve Vysokohirne and m. valley Vesnarka.

Rebuilding the shelter on m. valley Sheshurska


Podarovatyi tract – Staika Ridge – m. Smotrych – m. Pip Ivan

1.The route can be started from the tract of Podarovatyi, climbing Staika ridge through the clearing between the 16th and 17th quarters of Chornohirskyi nature reserve of the Carpathian national nature park.

2.The route goes through the mountain valley and the summits of the mountains Mali and Velyki Staiky via m. Smotrych to m. Pip Ivan.

Tourists can use shepherds’ shelters on the m. valley Staika.


Pohorilets tract – Banhof tract (Hropynets) – m. Pip Ivan

1.The route starts from the nature reserve Vusokohirnyi.

2.The remains of rafting complex “Shybene” near Lake Shybene.

3.The dirt road leads to Hropynets tract (Banhof tract).

4.Presence of hydrogen sulfide source.

5.Ability to go along the banks of r. Shybenka and reach the summit of m. Stih which is on the border with Romania (there is a legend that O. Dovbush was there)

Open-air museum of forest and rafting can be created.


m. Pip Ivan – v. Shybene – v. Burkut

1.From m. Pip Ivan it is possible to go to v. Burkut via v. Shybene.

2.Iron and polymetallic mineral waters.

The presence of a mineral source, on the basis of which a sanatorium can be created. Place of well-known Ukrainian writers’ rest.