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University initiatives at the Economic Forum in Karpacz

The Europe of the Carpathians initiative is always an interesting platform for communication and exchange of views within the framework of the Economic Forum in Poland, which takes place on September 8-10 in Karpacz instead of the traditional Krynica closed for quarantine.

On the second day of discussions, the rector of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University Ihor Tsependa together with the vice-rector of Suceava University Stefan Purich at the panel “Europe of the Carpathians in the center of Central Europe.

Review of Initiatives "to present the cooperation of the Collegium Carpathicum in the parliamentary dimension of the Carpathian Europe and the project" Adaptation of the former observatory on Mount Pip Ivan to the needs of the mountain rescue training center "(PIMReC), implemented with the financial support of the European Union under the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Poland - Belarus - Ukraine 2014 - 2020.

On the same day, together with Jan Malicki, Director of the Studium of Eastern European Studies of the University of Warsaw, and Ihor Tsependa, Rector of the Precarpathian University, during the panel discussion “The Third Mission of the University 2.0.

Cooperation of universities with the external environment during the COVID-19 pandemic "had the opportunity to share the experience encountered by the university during quarantine and once again focus the attention of forum guests on the implementation of joint projects.

After all, the Carpathian states continue to cooperate, despite the existing border of the European Union, which separates them, which makes the Carpathian macro-region of strategic importance from the point of view of the whole of Central and Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, the obligation to maintain social distance, along with restrictions on freedom of mobility, have made it impossible for universities to operate in their traditional form this year. That is why it was agreed on the "third mission" of universities - cooperation that goes beyond traditional forms and is open to the environment.

The two international projects PIMReC and Collegium Carpathicum, which aim to implement this "third mission", are an example of an innovative approach to education and international cooperation.

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