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The joint meeting with deputies of the initiative “Europe of the Carpathians” and Collegium Carpathicum Universities will be held at the Observatory

On the first day of the Economic Forum, which will be called the Central European Davos, which takes place in a pandemic on September 8-10 in the Polish mountain town of Karpacz, a meeting of the rectors of the Collegium Carpathicum took place.

The headquarters are located in the Observatory, with the chairman of the Carpathian Parliamentary Group and the Europe of the Carpathians initiative Marek Kuchczynski and the director of the Studium of Eastern European Studies of the University of Warsaw, the initiator of the Collegium Carpathicum Jan Malicki.

According to the rector of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University Ihor Tsependa, this year was difficult for cooperation and implementation of both the Collegium Carpathicum and “Europe of the Carpathians”.

"Due to the pandemic, there were no scheduled lectures in the Collegium Carpathicum and exchange of professors," the rector explained in an interview with the WHITE ELEPHANT website.

During the meeting, the participants decided to make the best use of university online systems in the new academic year, as well as to invite leading scientists from around the world to online lectures at Collegium Carpathicum University to continue the tradition of English language courses for students.The rectors also approved Marek Kuchczynski's proposal to focus on security issues in the tourist regions of the Carpathians.

Rector of Precarpathian National University Ihor Tsependa told his interlocutors about the project of adaptation of the observatory to the needs of the rescue services (PIMREC) and agreed with the proposal of the representatives of "Europe of the Carpathians" to analyze the consequences of floods for the Carpathian region phenomena and its prevention and minimization.The meeting approved a proposal to hold a joint meeting of deputies from the countries included in the initiative "Europe of the Carpathians" with representatives of the Collegium Carpathicum to determine the next stages of cooperation.

This meeting was scheduled for June 24, 2021 at the International Research Center "Observatory" of the Precarpathian and Warsaw Universities on Mount Pip Ivan (Popivan). Polish parliamentarians have also declared their intention to work with Collegium Carpathicum scholars in bilateral parliamentary groups on interparliamentary relations with foreign countries. In a conversation with the rectors, Marek Kuchczynski expressed his conviction that the issues of the Collegium Carpathicum universities must be present in the activities of these groups. After all, universities at the expert and scientific level can offer their ideas to parliaments and governments, which can be further included in the budget for their implementation. The participants of the meeting also discussed the possibilities of cooperation between universities in terms of the main activities of the Carpathian region. These are ecology, history, ethnography, intercultural relations.

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