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“Bikor” Company

“Bikor” Company, a specialized in construction and installation organization, works in the CIS market since 1994. The company focuses on designing, building and reconstruction of industrial objects, their anticorrosive protection and delivery of equipment by leading world producers.

Besides, the company offers metal fabrication, thermal isolation, electrical fitting, installation of inspection and measurement systems, non-destructive control method diagnostics.

“Bikor” LLC has all the necessary permits, licenses, certificates, the up-to-date equipment and professional human resources, needed to provide quick and high-quality solutions for assignments of any complexity.
Chairman of the Management Board
Piotr Tsiarkovski


Plastics-Ukraine is a great distributor of polymeric materials for modern VisCom sphere, building decorations and interior designs, for industrial, construction and packaging markets. Company makes the polymeric materials direct deliveries to the Ukrainian market from more than 20 countries.

Our company joins the largest Central-East European "Plastics" group with companies placed in Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Russia and the Baltics.

Founder and Director General of "Plastics-Ukraine" Ltd Ireneusz Derek.

Novyi Styl (New Style)

"Novyi Styl" is one part of Nowy Styl Group, which is a leading furniture manufacturer in Europe. Since its foundation in 1992, the company has been constantly developing and improving in all areas of its business. It is more than 20 years old, products are exported to more than 60 countries around the world, and thanks to several thousand employees, who work on the territory of 210,000 m2, more than 8 000 000 chairs and other items of furniture are produced each year.

Co-founder of a global company Nowy Styl Group is Yezhy Kshanovsky.


Ltd "Zhytlobud-І" is one of the most experienced building enterprises of Ivano-Frankivsk. The company designs and builds turn-key objects of the housing, social and industrial purpose. It carries out general constructing and special types of works in building. Basic types of works are construction of collapsible reinforced concrete and monolithic concrete foundations; construction of brick walls and partitions; installing of the concrete and reinforced concrete sectional and monolithic constructions; finishing works (plastering, house-painting and facing) implementation of works on arranging of roofs, floors, setting of wooden joiner’s articles etc; internal electrical installation and sanitary engineering works; arranging of external networks of heat supply, sewage system, water-supply, power supply systems and electric lightning; works on arranging (paving of figured elements, setting of small architectural forms).
The director is Ihor Oliinyk.