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​Arctic-alpine Plant Species of the Ukrainian Carpathians

The direction of plant research in the International Research Center "Observatory" is headed by Roman Cherepanyn, a young talented scientist. We offer you his book "Arctic-alpine plant species of the Ukrainian Carpathians", published in the publishing house of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University.

This book is devoted to a special group of organisms - Arctic-alpine plant species that play an important role in the ecosystems of Arctic and sub-Arctic regions, as well as in the mountains of the Northern Hemisphere. Book is centered on areas of the species, features of highland nature and conducted researches on the topic. One can find here photographs of 41 arctic-alpine plant species, including a large number of wide-spread, cenosis-forming and rare species.

Among the arctic-alpine plants there are many relics and endangered species, they are silent witnesses of ancient geological and climatic events that took place on our planet during the glacial periods. Today, anthropogenic impacts, climate and natural conditions changes lead to reduction of area and changes in population structure of arctic-alpine plants. The book contains information about their distribution, morphology, biology and ecology, conservation status, protection measures, etc. It will be useful for biologists, geographers, conservationists and scientists, teachers of natural disciplines, students and pupils, hikers and nature lovers of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The book is written in Ukrainian language and contains extended summary in English.

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