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The Foundation "Assistance to Poles in the East " was established in 1992 as a strategic treasury fund under the authority of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The main purpose of the Foundation's activity is to provide assistance and support to the Poles living in the countries of the former USSR and the former communist bloc in Central and Eastern Europe.

The objectives of the Foundation are:
preservation of the Polish language by spreading knowledge of the Polish language;
promotion of Polish national culture and traditions;
improving the social, professional and material status of the Polish ethnic group;
creating a positive image of Poland;

deepening ties between Polish communities in the countries of residence of Poles;
involvement of Poland and the Polish communities in the West in cooperating in assisting the Poles in the East.

The Foundation fulfills its goals by means:
implementing the state tasks assigned by the Senate of the Republic of Poland in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Ministry of National Education;
execution the projects in accordance with the above-mentioned purposes funded by extrabudgetary funds/donations and etc.