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The Presentation of projects at the 5th European Congress of Local Governments

The mission of the University, in addition to its educational and research activities is a significant impact on the development and assistance of the region.

The rector of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, Igor Tsependa emphasized this statement at the 5th European Congress of Local Authorities in Krakow, presenting the projects of the International Scientific Center "Observatory" on Mount Pip Ivan (ISC) and the International Center for Student’s Youth Meetings of Ukraine and Poland in Mykulychyn.

More than 2,000 of participants from almost 40 countries of over the world took part in the two-day event during 8th and 9th of April. The issues of financing, problems of society, innovation and economics were discussed at the meetings. Therefore, the presentation of the projects of the Precarpathian National University, which was implemented together with the students of the Studium of Eastern Europe of Warsaw University, caused the great interest for the participants of the Congress.

Representatives of local authorities of Ukraine and Poland in talks at the Congress stressed that they understood the benefits of university projects for the development of the Carpathian region, declared further cooperation with university communities and support in the tourism and business sectors.

During the presentation the Rector of the Precarpathian University Igor Tsependa emphasized that, in particular, the Observatory will be used not only as a scientific but also as a tourist object. With its opening the interest of tourists will increase significantly, so the region receives new funds and new revenues.

In particular, due to the well-organized security provided by 24/7 working hours in the observatory's premises, by search and rescue department of the 4th specialized search and rescue group of Yavirnytca of the emergency rescue unit of the special purposes of the department of State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

"Therefore, the intensification of joint initiatives at the regional level today will bring benefits to our citizens in the future," said Igor Tsependa.

He told the participants of the Congress about the history of the Observatory and the story of its reconstruction by two universities. He also described amply the International Center of Meetings, which is similar to the centers in Europe created by Germany and France after the Second World War, as well as by Poland and Germany in the early 90's to overcome distrust and existing stereotypes between neighboring nations. The sum of 4 million EUR was received from the Ukrainian government for the creation of this center (ICM). It is also expected to be financed by the Polish government.

"Meetings of the youth, discussions about the past with a prospect for the future, the creation of an IT hub and youth trips to the mountains to the ICM are a triad that will allow young people of the post-Soviet countries and the European Union to know each other," stressed the rector of the Precarpathian University.

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