Bilyi slon

The completion of the project. Presenting certificates.

Five days at the youth camp “EcoCampus of Chornogora” passed in an instant. At the end of the student’s presentation of their mini projects Rector Igor Tsependa presented to all participants of the EcoCampus, the certificates. This day was preceded by the intense and varied program. Its highlight was the ascent of Mount Pip Ivan on October 5.

The next day of EcoCampus Chornogora after the the ascent, began with the screening of the iconic film of Sergiy Paradzhanov “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”, which introduced to the camp the true Hutsul culture, which is deeply rooted in the Carpathian nature.Then there were some interesting eco quests, which was conducted by Associate Professor of Precarpathian University Nadia Riznychuk.
In a game form, Ukrainian-Polish teams learned about the planet’s environmental problems and ways to overcome it. All participants of the EcoCampus received as a gift a T-shirt with a camp logo.

During these five days, students really deepened their knowledge of natural features, biological and landscape diversity. In practice, they were able to answer questions about the price of water, in particular, counted how many spoons it takes to fill the pail with water, because each drop determines the resource of the 21st century. Students also learned the answers to the questions about the price of air. A separate topic was the discussion of the atmospheric pollution.

How do function the nature conservation areas in Ukraine, what is the nature of the Carpathian National Nature Park, how is carried out the protection of the Chornohora massif? While visiting the center of the Carpathian National Park and watching a movie the group of Ukrainian-Polish students was able to find out about this.

They were also pleased to learn about the ethnic features of the region, the unique culture and history of the Carpathian mountaineers. Spent the evenings of Polish and Ukrainian culture and cuisine. In theory and in practice, learned the rules of conduct in the mountains. Most of the participants interested in the opportunity to gain practice in their areas of research at the International Research Center “Observatory”, which is currently being restored by the Precarpathian National University and Warsaw University.

Before awarding the certificates, the rector of the Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, Igor Tsependa, thanked everyone for their participation in the project.

“I am convinced that this is a good start to your new ideas. During these days you had the opportunity to communicate, discuss existing problems. I hope you have new thoughts and new ideas.

This is exactly what we hoped for, which is why we are building the International Youth Meeting Center of Ukraine and Poland in Mykulychyn. After all, its main goal is to unite you around the interesting projects”, – said the rector. “Always remembering the past you always ought to think about the future. And you can become a pivot for the future cooperation not only the students of Ukraine and Poland, but also youth of the European Union and of post-Soviet space. The mountains really do integrate and unite. We are pleased with the result we received. I am convinced that you have learned so much for yourself, but the most important thing is that you have united, have new contacts and new acquaintances. The main task is to deepen and expand it”.