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Rescue helicopters tried to board Pip Ivan

In Carpathian region this week there is a practical meeting on preparation of crews of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine to extinguish the fires on the mountainous terrain.

According to the Press Service of the Directorate of the Department of the State Emergency Service (SES) of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk region , on the words of Ivan Korobka, who is the commander of the Special Aviation Squad of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the city of Nizhyn -the most intense was the second day of the training - July 30. During this day the training took place in the area of the Chernogorskiy massif in the territory of the region.

Rescuers conducted reconnaissance and exploration of areas of conditional forest fire. They surveyed places for temporary landing of aircraft, in particular, near the Observatory on Pip Ivan Mountain, where Ukraine's highest rescue post is located. Once upon a time helicopters were sitting on top, but later the site was destroyed and now a large number of rocks on the ground makes landing dangerous. But rescuers assure the WHITE ELEPHANT that very soon their Iron Birds will be sitting near the Observatory. The process started!

The rescuers also determined the sources of water supply and the actual condition of the water abstraction sites in the woodlands of the Carpathian mountainous area, in particular, on Lake Marichyka at the foot of the Chornohora Peak.

In addition, the following types of activitiesv were worked out these days : the procedure of joint action of fire-rescue units of the region with aircrafts of the State Emergency Service during the practical discharges to the contiguous forest fires in the mountainous terrain and the elements of fueling of aircraft-fire units of SES in the region.

In the territory of Verkhovyna district, mountain rescuers and civil protection services of the region carried out joint actions to rescue and transport the victims to the aircraft of the SES, with the further transportation to medical institutions of Ukraine. During the exercise, the digital communications and ground-based aircraft corrections were also tested.

Recall that together with the Governance of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk region Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian University is implementing the PIMReC project Adaptation of the former Observatory on Mount Pip Ivan to the needs of the high mountain rescue training center.

This project aims to address the cross-border issues of mountain tourism safety.

It aims to work closely with the institutions of Poland (the Bieszczady Mountain Volunteer Ambulance Service) and Ukraine to jointly address the issue of improving high altitude tourism through the implementation of a number of measures aimed at achieving this objective.

PIMReC project details http: // ...

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