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Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue (GOPR)

The service of the Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue (GOPR) is a closed organization. To become a rescuer one should go through an intensive training course and qualifications in order to check their theoretical, medical and topographical knowledge, as well as their physical state, skiing skills etc.

Rescuers of the Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue perform their duties on the rescue stations and posts 27/7. Usually they are stationed at big ski resorts, mountain shelters and places of the intense tourist movement. Rescuers use modern emergency equipment, which facilitates their work greatly. Their vehicles and equipment include GPD-navigators, outlanders, snowmobiles, squad bikes, avalanche transceivers etc.

There are 7 regional groups of GOPR:

International Association of Polish Entrepreneurs in Ukraine

IAPEU is a platform for Ukrainian-Polish enterprises, for Polish citizens, who work as managers in Polish stocks companies or Ukrainian international corporations. The Association creates the basis for mutual support. The Association’s headquarters is the most visited polish base in Kyiv, where everybody may receive the necessary information or the support, if needed.

The enterprises, members of the Association, are offered with:

  • Information
  • Access to database of companies that work in Ukraine
  • Participation in conferences, seminars, integration meetings
  • Advices and consultations concerning the Law, taxes
  • Translation and verification of documents

Council Chairman Piotr Tsiarkovski