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From the Homers of Chornohory to the future scientific discoveries


The celebrations devoted to the 80th anniversary of the Astrological-Meteorological Observatory on Mount Pip Ivan began with the popular scientific conference in Verkhovyna.

Ukrainian and Polish high-ranking officials, representatives of the diplomatic corps, professors of Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University and professors of the University...

The last month of a space telescope mission


Astronomers were able to prove for the first time, that a newborn planet is located on a direct image of a gas-dust disk around another star. The discovery was made by using the SPHERE spectropolarimeter installed at the European VLT Telescope in Chile.

The unique...

​After a 60-year break, the Greenwich Observatory began working


The Royal Observatory Greenwich will study the starry sky again - after a 60-year break!

According to the reports of BBC, the new telescopes were installed at the Altazimuth Pavilion.

This recently restored building is an architectural monument. It is built in the...

Lunar eclipse on the eve of the historic event


In the evening of July 27, on the eve of the 80th anniversary of the Observatory, the Moon will pass through the shadow of the Earth. This lunar eclipse will be the longest in the 21st century. About 103 minutes! This phenomenon is important not...

Reach the altitudes with the Plastics!


Plastics-Ukraine is the partner of the International Scientific Center "Observatory", announced the flash mob "Achieve the altitudes with the Plastics" .

Customers and employees of the company can get iPhone 8, iPad lte (3G) or iPad mini as a result of participating in the flash...